Do You Suffer From Acid Reflux? These 5 Travelling Tips Will Help You

We need to travel for many reasons such as for work purposes or leisure. Many people suffer from acid reflux and if you’re one of them, travelling can cause a lot of anxiety because if not well handled, you may end up triggering symptoms that cause great discomfort especially when you are away from home. Constant movement, changes in the environment as well as a departure from your daily routine can be extremely challenging. However, you don’t need to panic because with proper planning and preparations, you can travel smoothly and comfortably. Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy your journey irrespective of the mode of transport you choose to travel with.

Sleep In The Right Position

Unfortunately reflux often worsens at bedtime and therefore, you need to ensure to sleep in the right position preferably on your side to avoid discomfort. People with regurgitation of acid and heartburn have to carefully choose their sleeping position. Lying flat on bed is not advisable as your stomach and throat are at the same level which makes it easier for stomach acids to travel up your esophagus triggering heartburn. Have extra pillows to raise your head up so that it is higher than your stomach.

Eat Early Before Bedtime

This rule applies while you’re also at home as individuals with acid reflux are advised to take their meals several hours before going to bed. Plan your schedule well when travelling to ensure you have your meals at least 3 hours before retiring for the night.

Stay Away From Trigger Foods

Whenever you’re travelling, you need to inform your host or hotel about your food allergies. It is important to communicate this information prior to your arrival so that you eat the right types of food. If you plan to eat out, do not be tempted to eat food you’re allergic however delicious it appears. Checking restaurant menus beforehand is a great idea. Also, eat food in smaller portions to avoid having heartburn.

Travel with Your Own Snacks

It doesn’t matter what means of transport you intend to use, meal choices are usually limited when you’re travelling. It’s a great idea to carry GERD approved travelling snacks such as raw vegetables, non-citrus fruits, cracks that contain any nut better and pretzels among others.  

Dress Comfortably

It is advisable not to wear tight fitting clothes especially when you are going to travel for several hours. Pack loose-fitting clothes and ensure your pants have an elastic waistband to avoid putting too much pressure on your stomach.

Carry Your Medications

Before going on a journey, ensure you have your prescribed medication for acid reflux. In addition, there a number of effective over-the-counter drugs which are quite helpful in managing GERD and associated conditions. When you have medication, you can easily deal with symptoms when they arise. Keep your medication on your carry-on baggage on flights so you can access your drugs should you need them.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure you have a comfortable and fun trip. These dos and donts will help you know how to stay healthy and avoid distractions on your trip.